In my last blog I addressed the state of our health care system and the need to take control of your own health and life. For each person the key rests on taking action and making changes. Well, that applies as much to us as it does to you. If we are going to make this website of greater value for you, it’s time for us to launch the next phase . So far, as you have surely noticed, our blogging goal has been to introduce ourselves while offering some health / life observations. Starting next week, our approach will change. Our blogging goal will be more directly tailored to help you resolve specific challenges.

Some websites focus on promoting their own products. Not us. I have written a book, and Dr. Ross and I might write additional books, but my book is only one of the resources we will utilize on this site. The Boomer Survivor Kit is a beginning point, not the end point, for your transformation. The same perspective should be applied to my upcoming teleseminars. Hopefully, those 8-week audio presentations will be interesting, informative, and life changing. But, again, those are simply starting points.

Digital conceptSo, what is our upcoming change? How are we going to help you through your many and varied challenges? By becoming more of a Boomer resource guide. We want to become your first stop for links to relevant news articles, websites, and product reviews, specifically as they relate to improving yourself, your relationships, and your life. So, starting next week, we will offer topic related blogs on Monday and Wednesday, and Friday will become our Friday Finds!middle age man adventure hat thinking

We also look forward to your participation in our community forums, and, frankly, we need your input. If you are struggling with any specific issue (should I stay in my job or should I bolt to another country?), or if you have any area of interest (would that most recently hyped-product actually improve my chronic arthritis?), please share that question. Our goal is to address the challenges that you face. And, as physicians, we will not just offer our opinions; we will direct you to the best resources in the world. In short, we will save you time, give you answers, and help you create a better future.

Shall we get started?