Dr. Courter has an impressive background that positions him as a respected expert in our health care system.

Dr. Bill Courter believes in improving more than your health; he believes in improving your entire life. Through each of his programs (his teleseminars, his YouTube talks, and his blogs), he aims to help individuals shift their focus from a career-oriented conveyor belt to a more meaningful personal life while (at the same time) surviving in a toxic world.

Dr. Bill Courter believes that 80% of your happiness comes from just 20% of your activities. Unfortunately, for many people who are caught on the long hours of that career conveyor belt, those key activities – which can provide so much happiness and joy – are progressively reduced, sometimes disappearing completely. Those key activities need to be revived and reintegrated back into your life.

Dr. Bill Courter believes that a fundamental shift in your life will impact your level of happiness, your degree of physical and emotional health, and even your eventual wealth. Although Dr. Courter supports those studies that show that wealth and happiness are not directly related. Too many people strive for wealth, thinking it will lead them toward happiness. In too many cases it does just the reverse.

By helping you shift your focus toward the things in your life that truly matter, Dr. Bill Courter believes he can lead you toward renewed health, higher vitality, a sharpened mental clarity, reawakened passions, rediscovered talents, a renewed purpose, stronger connections to others, increased spirituality, and an enhanced opportunity to share, give, and contribute (not just consume).

A partial list of credentials include:

  • Founder of the Boomer Health Institute (BoomerHealthInstitute.com, which offers his book, lectures, coaching, teleseminars, blogs and a membership – all designed to share secrets with the baby boomer population so that can lead a less stressed, more balanced, and more meaningful life.
  • Published author of The Boomer Survivor Kit: An Indispensable Guide for Yourself * Your Relationships * Your Life with the goal of helping the baby boomers redesign their lives away from their careers to the far more meaningful parts of life.
  • Served as Associate Medical Director of a large health care agency for 17 years, managing a health system with an annual budget of 100 million, which treated over 20,000 patients per year.
  • Worked as a National Physician Consultant, shaping the care of over 30,000 patients for 16 years, through physician-to-physician advice on complicated, difficult cases from the East coast (Presbyterian Hospital) to the West coast (Stanford Medical Center).
  • Lectured on his original program “Prescription for Effective Living” for the past two decades throughout Southern California with keynotes speeches to multiple organizations, including hospitals, police/fireman departments, and private businesses with a total audience of thousands of participants.
  • Board Certification in Psychiatry and Neurology.
  • Educational degrees from Bachelor’s degree (chemistry major) from Williams College (Williamstown, Massachusetts) to Internship/Psychiatric Residency from University of Southern California (Los Angeles, California).