In my last blog on 8/26/13, I highlighted our need to improve our physical and mental health by decreasing our use of medications. I also highlighted the work of Donna Gates and Dr. James Greenblatt and applauded how they have focused on the importance of the ecosystem in your “gut” and how the bacteria in your intestines play a huge role in the production of the neurochemicals that determine the quality of your immune system, the quality of your cognition, and even the quality of your mood. In short, I encouraged you to learn what you should eat to improve the health of your intestines, as the health of your “gut” will determine your overall health and even your longevity.

bigstock-Stickers-Of-Toilet-Symbols-46696972Do you need a little more incentive? Well, would any of you volunteer for a poop transplant? Sound like something from a science fiction horror film? Sorry, but they are already running experiments on poop transplants with good results. Place the poop, taken from someone who does not have diabetes, into the lower intestines of someone who has severe diabetes, and behold (don’t look too closely) … the person with diabetes gets better. How does it work? I do not know. During the process, does the nurse yell, “Bottoms up?” Again, that is only a rumor. But be reassured of one truth. The health of your intestines controls a significant degree of your health. You are what you eat is far more accurate than we ever imagined.

bigstock-Healthy-Eating-6285970So, what’s the message? Obviously, you don’t want someone else’s poop, but you may want to improve your own poop. How do you know if yours needs improving? Remember a scene in Star Wars with Hans Solo? Ideally, you should smell as good on the inside as on the outside. If not, your intestines may not be working as well as they should for your best health. What can you do? Shift your eating style away from items that are difficult to digest. Meat and dairy products are difficult to digest. Meat can get caught in an intestinal fold and putrefy for hours, if not days. Garbage in, garbage out. But fruits and vegetables? They digest easily and quickly. Cultured vegetables like sauerkraut? Even easier on the stomach and upper intestines.bigstock-fruits-and-vegetables-15514157

But don’t trust me. In the next year they will be several new books that promote the detoxification of the intestines and the establishment of a good ecosystem for health, good immunity, and a good mood. No, we did not write them. But we will discuss them as they reach the market. In fact, that is one of our top goals: To keep you well informed of all of the upcoming research and developments that relate to improved health. If you do not have good health, how will you have the vitality to break free of those old cages and redesign your lives? Besides, to be honest, we want every one of you to smell good. Don’t you want to be feeling good, smelling good?