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A Father’s Letters: To His College Daughters

A_Fathers_LettersI knew I was going to miss you; I just did not realize I was going to feel such an overwhelming sense of loss. Maybe other parents do not wince when their kids leave for college. Maybe some parents are relieved as they now have some peace and quiet. Not me.

With those words, William Courter, MD, captures the essence of his correspondence with his two daughters, Skyler and Austen.

In the grand tradition of Tim Russert’s Big Russ and Wisdom of Our Fathers, Courter expounds upon the topics fundamental to parent-child relationships through the dying art of letter writing.

While imparting wisdom, insight, and life lessons—as well as sharing fears, hopes, and dreams—Courter encourages his daughters to prioritize friendship over grades, and to find their authentic selves instead of attempting to fit society’s expectations as they transition to college and beyond.

A wonderful model of fatherhood and the kind of parenting that loves enough to let go, A Father’s Letters will touch your heart, encourage you on your own journey, and inspire you to communicate with your children about the things in life that matter the most.

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The Boomer Survivor Kit Review

January 19th, 2015|0 Comments

This book received a host of positive book reviews. ForeWord Reviews (Clarion Review) gave the book Four Stars (our of Five). It described the book as “an insightful volume” with “engaging writing and a significant amount of knowledge”; and it described Dr. Courter’s style as “uplifting” with “writing that is clear and passionate.” ForeWard Reviews also applauded Dr. Courter for sharing “many of his own experiences and introspection, adding a level of personalization to the text that many will find [...]