Can’t Go Barefoot?

In my 7/12/13 blog I highlighted the health benefits of going barefoot, but I skipped an important barrier. Many of us do not have the time or the environment that lends itself to walking barefoot. Let me use myself as an example. When I was convinced of the health benefit of increased contact with the earth, I made a concerted effort to try to be barefoot each day for 30 minutes. My attempt at going barefoot proved to be disastrous. Can you guess what I tried to do?

Working from homeWhen I would get home from work I would grab a lounge chair from the backyard, which was mostly concrete, I would carry the lounge chair to the front yard, sit down, take off my shoes and socks, roll up my pants until right below the knees, and then sit down, planting my feet firmly into the grass for 30 minutes. The problem? Our next-door neighbor was trying to sell his house. Every time I sat outside, looking like some deranged mannequin with work clothes and bare feet, a real estate agent would drive by with a car packed with parents […]

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Perks of Going Barefoot

Let me ask: When you were a kid, wasn’t everyone on your block running around barefoot? Having fun running across grass and dirt? Today, when I glance down our street, no one is barefoot. Not a single kid. In fact, what do babies get when they are born? bright baby shoes of leather

Shoes! And little toddlers? More shoes! Now, is there a health problem that comes with shoes? Absolutely. And is it a health problem that could be impacting you? I guarantee it. In fact, I will give you a diagnosis that you have never received, but it is accurate and deadly. You are electron deficient.

Body FieldElectron deficient? What the heck is that? Well, here is another question that I dare you to answer. When did you last ‘touch’ the earth? Sitting in your office with your shoes on the floor? Nope, that doesn’t count. Walking in the park with your athletic shoes? Again, that doesn’t count. Walking barefoot on dirt, grass or sand. Gardening with your bare hands. Swimming in the ocean. All of those […]

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Take a Hike!

Emerald Lake Crystal Lake

My wife and I just visited Mammoth Lakes, CA again because of how much fun we had last year. We rediscovered Mammoth in the summer and had a great time hiking and exploring. The area is very dog friendly – the restaurants all have water bowls outside and dogs can ride the buses. Ryker (see Post dated 6/26/13) even took the gondola to the top of Mammoth Mountain with us. The tough part is simply getting there. Trying to get my wife packed and out of the house is one thing.

Geordy (left) and Ryker Geordy (left)
and Ryker

Add in Ryker and Geordy, and now you really have to work it. Purchase roof rack for dog pens, dog crates, luggage, etc… Load roof rack. Set up back of car as puppy luxury suite. Stuff wife in car with all of her “necessities”. Drive for six hours. Piece of cake.

Once we check-in and unpack, though, I take a few minutes to look around and relax. But the real change takes […]

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