How Can You Help Your College Student?

How can you help your college student? Easy. By becoming a better parent. In truth, most parents need to grow as much during college as do their students. Too many parents encourage their students to select the high-income majors and chase the highest income jobs. But that is not the path toward happiness. All studies reveal the disconnect between income and happiness. They are not directly related. Just read the tabloids and the problems of the wealthy. So, you have ask yourself two questions. Do you want your student to be rich? Or do you want your student to be happy?

There are a series of step that you can take to help your college student. Give them support and love. Allow them to follow their dreams and passions, not your dreams and passions. More importantly, allow them to focus on experiences outside of the classroom, not just the grades within the classroom, and allow them to focus on building friendships, not just careers. Passions and purpose. Connection and commitment. Those are the four pillars that lead to happiness. Those are the pillars that your students need to establish. Listen to this presentation. See if you agree.


What Course Is Missing From High School?

Our high schools are-a-changing. Bill Gates has offered 50 million dollars to develop the XQ-The Super School Project. He is requesting the formation of teams with each team recommending new curriculums. The goal is to improve the high school curriculum, helping our students become more competitive in the global workforce. I have not joined any team of educators, but let me ask each of you. Can you think of a class that should be added to our current high school curriculum? Is there any class that you would have loved to have taken, but it was never offered? For me, the answer is easy. I want to present a class that should be taught in all high schools in America.

Our high schools teach us several languages, multiple science courses, and a variety of history courses. But do our high schools ever offer a course on the skills or habits that are needed to succeed in our world? The skills and habits that are found in the most successful people? Or do our schools ever teach us about the growing toxicity of the world and how we need to protect ourselves? I would combine those two components, offering a semester […]


How Can We Help Our Teachers?

When you have children, you remember the importance of those early teachers and how much they impacted the development of your child. Grade schools and high schools are changing, trying to get better to give our students a better chance in the competitive world economy. We have Bill Gates spending 50 million dollars on his XQ-The Super School Project, hoping for new improved curriculum. But for me, there is an even more important question: How can we improve the quality of teachers in our schools?

If we need an educational model to follow, why not think of Finland? To become a teacher, you have to graduate in the top of your class. You undergo a rigorous training. Your salary ranks with top professionals, such as doctors and lawyers. More importantly, in Finland, teachers are treated with great respect. The United States needs to complete all of those steps. Better selection. Better training. And a much higher salary. If we want the best students, we are going to need to attract the best, smartest teachers. Watch this video presentation and decide if you agree.



Is Parenting Is Becoming More Difficult?

For many people, parenting is timeless. Something done generation after generation. However, we need to ask ourselves: is parenting becoming more difficult? For the baby boomer generation, we were raised by Dr. Spock and his books on baby care and child care. Those books were in every American household. Dr. Spock offered solutions for each problem, but he is best known for his belief that mothers always know far more than they think they know. He advised mothers to follow their instincts with an individualize approach for each child, wrapped in love, support, and praise.

What about today’s millennial parents? For advise, where do they go? Well, the great majority of them rely on google. But when you google any subject, you find hundreds of sites, many offering different suggestions. Plus, our millennial parents live in an era where their parenting is public, not private. The child is everywhere. Facebook. Instagram. With each post and each photo, there is more competition and sometimes more judgment, which is just what parents do not need. So, is parenting more difficult today? Listen to this presentation by clicking the title. Make your own assessment. See if you agree with my opinion and my […]


Want To Become A Better Parent?

Do you want to become a better parent? If not yet a parent, do you want to become a better friend? For your children, are you supporting their search for their interests, passions, and talents? Are you supporting their dreams and their path? Or do you find yourself pushing for your vision of what’s best for your child? Could your parenting approach be wrong? Could you be decreasing the chance of real happiness for your child?

All parents seem to know the basics. A child needs praise and support, not criticism and opposition. But most parents seem to lose some of their parenting skills as their kids hit adolescence and move through high school toward college. Do you want some advice for those crucial years? So you can take the correct parenting approach and give your son or daughter the best chance for happiness — and the best chance to become a lifelong friend?


Do You Know Who You Really Are? Or What You Truly Want?

These questions probably seems strange, but too many people never address these questions. And asking questions is the key to life. Too many people never know who they really are or what they truly want. Have you discovered any buried passions or hidden talents? Have you developed a purpose or direction for your life? Or are you on the conveyor belt of life, rushing through one year after another? Maybe it’s time to pause and reflect. Maybe it’s time to ask some questions and make some changes?

Steven Covey once observed that life is also like climbing a ladder leaning against some wall. Unfortunately, as people struggle higher and higher on the ladder, they often realize they are climbing up the wrong wall. Their career and their accomplishments do not reflect their true interests or values. To avoid that mistake, do you know the questions you need to ask yourself? Watch this video and learn how to reassess your career and your life, including asking who you are and what you truly want.


Do You Know Tom Brady’s Favorite Book?

Are you a football fan? Love or hate New England Patriots and their future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady? Do you know what book he reads every single year? Do you know what books he claims has influenced his career and his life the most? It’s The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Watch this video for the key advice within that book. Learn the four simple keys for a better life.

This book expresses the timeless wisdom of the Toltecs from a thousand years ago. It reminds you of the key actions that you need to take to create a successful career and develop strong relationships. The book’s four basic actions will allow you to protect yourself from the toxicity in the world, including people’s criticism of you and life’s periodic setbacks. Isn’t that worth a couple of minutes of your time?


Have You Ever Read Wayne Dyer?

As you head into the holiday season, I have to ask: Have you ever read Wayne Dyer? If not, do yourself a favor. Take a look at his 30 books on the Internet and see if at least one of his titles hits a nerve. To put yourself into the holiday mood and lift your spirits for a great next year, there is not a better source for self-improvement. Do you need more convincing? Listen to my stories about the man behind all of those books in this video.

Wayne Dyer died on August 30, 2015. At that time he was regarded as the 7th most influential spiritual leader in the world. But his writings covered a wide range of topics, from how to change your life to how to gain a better connection with God. At this time, his publishing company Hay House is coming out with a number of final books and videos. There has never been a better time to expose yourself to his wisdom and advice.


What’s The Most Destructive Toxin?

With this question, what’s your guess? What is the most destructive toxin? After my last article on GMOs, you might select one of our 77,000 toxic chemicals or numerous food contaminants. You might even select a larger issue such as the toxicity that comes from our religious, ethnic, and cultural conflicts. But you can probably guess my view. We live life from the inside out. The real key is always our internal health and well being.

There’s a quote that the three things that clog the human spirit the most are “negativity, judgment, and lack of balance.” For me, criticism of yourself and criticism of others are two of the most destructive toxins. They act like viruses on our personal computer, disrupting our connections with the world. They reduce the quality of our interactions, relationships, and life itself. So, are you ready for an antiNorton virus program for yourself?


Do You Know GMOs’ Health Risks?

Can you name the crops that are currently genetically engineered? Can you name the 65 countries that demand genetically labeling because of their government’s concern for the health risks? The United States, controlled by our giant agricultural companies, is one of the few large countries without any label regulations. Do you have a good understanding of how that puts all of us at a higher health risk?

There are many studies that demonstrate the health risks of Round Up, the herbicide that is so often used with GMO foods; and there are many studies (against the opposition of the giant chemical /agricultural companies) that reveal the health risks to the animals that eat those crops, plus the subsequent health risks for humans. From my physician perspective, it is time for people to take notice of these health risks.