Are You Aware Of Your Non-Human Genes?

America researchers completed the human genome project, finding around 20,000 genes for the human species. However, did you know that our bodies “house” somewhere between 2 million and 20 million microbial genes in our intestines? That is about 2-3 pounds of weight. And those genes are as important for our health as our own genes.

Those genes reflect the diversity of the food that we have eaten; and the greater the diversity, the higher the number of microbial genes. For Americans, that insight gives us incentive to eat a wider variety of foods, not just the standard American diet. If can expand our diet, we can improve our health. How? Listen to this video for an explanation.


Need Some Gut Repair?

In this video, let’s say you have a number of problematic GI symptoms. That means you have active inflammation in your intestinal tract. What are the usual causes? Poor diet. Stress. Toxic overload. Bacterial imbalance. To improve the health of your intestinal tract, which greatly determines your overall health, you do not need to wait until you see a doctor to make some initial changes. Just look at which area is most problematic and start making some changes in that area.

Want one simple change? Are you aware of the importance of chewing? Studies have shown that most people do not chew long enough before swallowing. Your chewing releases saliva, which starts the digestive process while the food is still in your mouth. If the digestive process is not started until the food reaches the stomach, then there is a good chance the food will not be fully digested by the time it slips into the small intestines. That results in inflammation and subsequent poor health.


Dare To Discuss Your Flatulence?

In this video I want to address a topic that is rarely discussed. Your flatulence. Your doctor may ask you about your GI complaints (stomach cramps, bloating, abdominal pain, etc.), but does your physician ask you about your flatulence? Well, that discussion could clarify what types of food you are digesting well and what types of food you are digesting poorly. If you had clarification, you could make the necessary dietary changes on your own and thus improve your health.

Here’s the basic information that you need. If your flatulence is loud and audible to the neighbors, that means you are not digesting carbohydrates. If that is your problem, then reduce your intake of carbohydrates, including pasta, bread, pastries, etc. If your flatulence is silent but deadly, that means you are not digesting protein. If that is your problem, then reduce your intake of animal-based protein, including dairy products, beef, and chicken. Again, your health will improve.


Your Skin Color: It’s Hidden Secrets

With these videos I typically discuss some toxin in our environment or I recommend a new habit to combat the toxins in our world with the hope of improving your health. For some people — for those with prejudice, bias, and racism — the color of someone’s skin seems to represent a certain type of toxin. But do those people really know what the color of someone’s skin tells us? Do they have any understanding of the genetics and biology of skin color? Well, I think it’s time that they learn …

I will defer a discussion of the answer to the above question to the adjacent video, but one truth should be predominant. Skin color does not tell us anything about the character of the person or the quality of the human being. It barely tells us anything about the specific individual. Instead, it only tells about the history of the person’s ancestry and how the cells in the skin adapted to either excessive sunlight or a lack of sufficient sunlight.


Spoiler Alert: Our Next President Is …?

In the prior video I discussed the negativity of the news and its negative impact on your health. At this point we have to be aware that the news is about to get worse, not better. We are entering into a two year period of Presidential politics, which means immense, constant negativity on a nightly basis. In the prior video I urged you to step away from the TV evening news, at least to give your immune system a chance to escape the negative impact of those channels. With the Norman Cousins approach with laughter, your health, even a serious disease, improves. With constant evening news with so much negativity, your health gets worse, sending many people into multiple diseases.

So, what is one of the solutions? It is to be able to avoid the distractions of all of the political side issues, to avoid the constant negative debate over topic after topic after topic, and to know — well in advance — which party is going to win the election. Impossible to predict? Then I challenge you to listen to my presentation in this video on the Elliott Wave theory and how it correctly predicts every single Presidential election. […]


Is The Evening News Getting Too Toxic?

In this video presentation I want to discuss another of the larger toxins in our life: the constant flow of negative news and its negative impact on our health. The English language contains around 500,000 words with a 3:1 ration of negative words to positive words. That ration, by itself, slants us toward negative thinking. However, when we listen to the evening news, the ration of negative words to positive words, or negative topics to positive topics, shifts to 6:1 – 9:1. Negative news sells. That is not good for our health, as that exposure raises our stress hormone and decreases the effectiveness of our immune system.

Do you remember Norman Cousins and how he saved his life by watching his favorite movies and favorite TV shows. He proved how laughter boosts our immune system and can dramatically improve our health, even when we have a serious illness. Well, the evening news does just the opposite. So, try short exposure, not long exposure, to the negative news. Get the news from the Internet. Watch other shows – the shows that make you feel relaxed, not stressed. Then observe how that habit can gradually improve the quality of your health and […]


Do We Need A Shift To Spirituality?

Do you believe that religion is crucial for raising a healthy, law abiding, well adjusted individual? Crucial for the development of morals with a sense of right and wrong? A growing number of Americans do not follow any specific religion. These people, called “Nones”, do not attend any church or synagogue or temple. Some of you may be saying, “No wonder the world’s in such a bad shape.” But these people have been thoroughly studied. To the surprise of the researchers, people without any specific religious connection are better citizens than most of the people raised in one of the five great religions.

In the studies they are more likely to follow the Golden Rule; they are less likely to hurt others; and they are less likely to denigrate others with different religious beliefs. They are also more likely to be tolerant and accepting of all types of people, including all ethnic and religious groups. They are more likely to believe in the scientific explanation of the creation of the world. They are more likely to believe in global warming and climate change. They are more likely to seek compromise as a solution. Lastly, they are more likely to be […]


Did Mr. Darcy Save Christianity?

Did Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, of Pride and Prejudice, save Christianity? Now that’s a question that is going to strike some of you, if not all of you, as insane. But give me 10 minutes and see if I can convince you that there is a connection between the popularity of Mr. Darcy and the popularity of our 5 great religions. The key link comes through Muriel Rukeyser’s quote that “the world is not made up of atoms; it’s made up of stories.” The same holds true for religions. Many people view religions as god-made; I believe religions are man-made with their survival based on the richness of their stories.

Have you ever compared the religion of Zoroaster to Christianity and Jesus Christ? There are many similar features between the two religions. Yet one religion failed and the other religion prospered. What was the key difference? It was the power of Jesus’ life story. Here is the key point. A story’s long-term success depends on the strength of its W-diagram. The story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, a classic, presents one of the better W-diagrams in literature. But the strongest W-diagram ever written is the story of Jesus. […]


Are Religions Becoming Too Toxic?

Normally I address the smaller toxins. The 77,000 new chemicals. The contaminants from pesticides. The increase of gluten in our wheat. The risk of GMOs. However, with today’s presentation, I want to expand our focus to a larger toxin by asking the question: Are religions becoming too toxic? Are we entering another period similar to the Crusades? Remember those Middle Age Crusades lasted from 1096 to 1272: they led to the death of millions of people (mostly the poor), including Christians and Muslims; and they slowed down the progress of the human development, delaying the Renaissance for several hundred years. Is that what we want for our children? More wars? Less progress?

If I had to ask you for a single word to describe God, what would be your choice? For me, it’s easy. It is diversity. Our planet, and this universe, can best be described by that single word. Even with humans, we have tremendous diversity. 8,000 different languages. 5,000 different ethnic groups. 730 established religions with 3,200 different religious sects. Yet, too many people seem to believe that there is only one true religion – their religion. Let me ask: Do you think God would have created so […]


Coke and Pepsi To The Rescue? Or Not?

Are you going through your work day, and your life, dependent on coke and pepsi to keep you going? Are you dependent on caffeine to give you that extra vitality? Do you want to try a quick and easy experiment to see if you might need to live a cleaner life with a clearer vision? Remember my own perspective that you need to live life from the inside out? That too many people try to live life from the outside in? Which are you? Are you ready to find out? Maybe it is time to change a few more habits. More importantly, maybe it is time to change your work and your life.

Try the experiment in the video. Then re-evaluate your life. Are you falsely energizing yourself with sugar and chemicals? Are those contaminant, toxins, making it easier for your to stray off course? Are you living your life boosted from the external or are you living your life boosted from within? You know my message. If you are going to embrace passion, purpose, connection, and contribution at the highest level, your actions have to be driven from something within you. Do not take the easier path. Choose the […]