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Did You Miss My Teleseminar on 3/19/14?

bigstock-ON-AIR-49301906The second session of my teleseminar course, titled “How To Regain Your Health and Redesign Your Life”, occurred on March 19th Wednesday night at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET. Did you miss the one hour presentation on “How To Regain Your Health?” We discussed our current challenges with our national health system, our declining quality of food (thanks to our giant agricultural companies), and our need to take control of our health. Specifically, we discussed our risk factors for certain diseases (like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and chronic illnesses) and how we could reduce those risks by changing our eating style.  If you missed it, you can listen to it right here.

For next week, March 26th Wednesday at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET, I will be presenting my third lecture of my 8 week course. Because health is so crucial for reclaiming your life and redesigning your future, I will address some additional issues important for improving your health. Some issues may be familiar (re: physical activity), but other health issues will be unexpected and surprising. When did […]

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Friday Finds 3/14/14

Bonus Find – Did You Miss My Teleseminar?

The first session of my teleseminar course, titled “How To Regain Your Health and Redesign Your Life”, occurred on March 12th Wednesday night at 5 pm PT. Did you miss it? It discussed our current challenges (from our medical / professional / financial / personal challenges to our global ethnic and cultural challenges) with a focus on how we must re-evaluate our lives in the face of these challenges and be ready to reboot our lives in a new, more meaningful direction. If you missed it, try listening here (if it works!) If not, call 267-507-0255 and enter access code 18763286.

Protein and Your Health

In Dr. Hyman’s 10-Day Detox Diet, he focused on our need for reducing sugar in our diet and transitioning our body toward a healthier eating style. With the healthy eating style, he recommended lean protein. However, I am a proponent of the China Study, which argues that Americans eat far too much animal-based protein. I recommend switching your diet to a lower level of protein, plus I recommend switching your diet to a more plant-slanted diet. Here is an article that addresses the medical risks of high protein consumption […]

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Friday Finds 3/04/14

Healthy Eating Tips

In The Boomer Survivor Kit, I recommend a transition from meat and dairy staples to more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Here’s one article that discusses the risk of meat and dairy products, specifically highlighting the risk of consuming too much animal-based protein. Here’s another article that addresses the risk factors of ingredients that are associated with meats and dairy products and the need to create substitutes for those ingredients. Lastly, Here’s a video that addresses the need for more flexibility in your diet with more vegetables and fruit, but not strictly vegetarian.


My last blog focused on telomeres (the tips of your chromosomes) and how they work to protect you from DNA errors and subsequent illnesses. The blog also highlighted how the length of your telomere is correlated with the length of your life. According to recent research, the longer your telomeres, the longer your life. This article also discusses longevity and some surprising factors that can clarify your chances of leading a long, healthy life. If you can just incorporate some of these recommendations, you will become healthier and live longer.

Retirement and Finances

As I will repeatedly admit, my goal is to shift your priority away […]

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Friday Finds 2/28/14

Healthy Eating

The Boomer Health Institute will present a variety of eating style recommendations. I believe in the health benefits that come with the reduction of our quantity of meats and dairy products (due to the contamination in these foods); and I believe in the health benefits that result from a switch to more fish, more vegetables, more fruit, and more nuts and seeds. This article highlights one other important component – limiting your grains. Specifically, it presents data for reducing your carbohydrate intake.

Health Costs

Regardless of your politics, and regardless of your opinion on Obamacare, we can all agree on one fundamental truth: the cost of medical treatment is not decreasing. From my physician perspective, that means that each one of us has to assume more responsibility in the care of our own health. For me, that translates to increased education on healthy eating and healthy living, coupled to decreased dependence on our health care system. This article highlights the high costs of our health care system — and the extreme fluctuations in those costs.

Financial Planning

The Boomer Health Institute’s primary focus does not include specific recommendations on financial planning. That area will be left to the financial experts. In […]

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Friday Finds 2/21/14

Healthy Eating

In today’s blog I discussed the risk for dementia, but how about the risks for heart disease and cancer, the two main killers for our population. Do you know where the eating styles are worst in this country? Do you know where the risks are highest? Here’s an article that at least discusses cancer rates throughout our country. Keep in mind that these are areas where people could especially improve their eating styles.

Relationships and Friendships

Last month, in a series of blogs, we discussed the importance of connections with others, even the connection with God. Right now my blogs are focusing on healthy eating and its impact of your risk of certain dieases. But we should not forget the value of friendship for health and longevity, let alone the state of the human spirit. This article highlights the risks that come with loneliness.

Social Security

One of the larger decisions for any baby boomer is when to start social security. Since this program offers 81 different choices, it can be overwhelming. Of all of the articles that I have read, this article covers the points in a clear, straightforward fashion. It should be able to ask most of your […]

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Friday Finds 2/14/14


I am strongly opposed to any diets to lose weight. Instead, I support life-long changes to your eating style to improve our health and expand our longevity. However, here is an article that examines the best and worst diets of 2014 – for weight loss and overall health. In the upcoming blogs I hope to better clarify some healthy eating options, but this article provides a reasonable overview.

Cognitive Ability

There are more and more studies that examine which eating styles, and even which supplements, provide the best approach for maintaining your cognitive function as you grow older. Dementia is a huge problem. With 10,000 Americans turning 65 every day for the next 20 years, it will become a progressive nightmare. Here is one article on the possible role of supplements in reducing cognitive decline.


My approach is to recommend a shift in your focus away from finances toward things of greater significance. That transformation translates to less emphasis on the things that money can buy and more emphasis on the things that money cannot buy. Part of this philosophy is captured in this article on those people who save for retirement, become debt-free, and create a better, simpler life.

Social […]

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Friday Finds 2/07/14

Reducing Your Health Risks

One of my main objectives with this web site has to been to increase your vitality and current health, but also decrease your risk of our major medical illnesses,including heart disease and cancer. This article highlights the increasing prevalence of cancer. Hopefully, it will give you a greater incentive to listen to some of the Boomer Health Institute suggestions.


My focus has been on improving your health, not changing your geography. However, there are some religions (Hinduism) that preach the benefit of relocating to a new geographic area, starting your last chapter with a clean slate. Many Americans retire to a different state, but there is a growing number who retire abroad. If you have ever dreamed about retiring in another country, here is an article to get you started in the right direction.


In my book, I specifically state that I am not some financial wizard. I can offer expertise on medical issues and life style changes. However, in the spirit of thinking outside the box, here is an article that may lead you to re-evaluate some of your financial plans, at least as they relate to your residence. I do not think money is […]

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Friday Finds 1/31/14

Our Food Supply

We are concerned about the declining quality of our American food supply. However, this article discusses different parts of our food supply that are damaging our environment. We support staying away from those foods that create havoc for our planet.


Healthy Foods – Concerns

We support a plant-slanted diet with increased vegetables and fruit, coupled with decreased meat. However, we support education above everything else. Even health foods, offer some risks, as discussed in this article.



We believe that the quality of your life is far more important than the quality of your financial portfolio. This article offers some of that perspective by highlighting that there are other factors, besides money, that should be considered when determining the timing of your retirement.

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Friday Finds 1/24/14

Food Contaminants

We are extremely concerned about the increasing quantity of food contaminants and the declining quality of our food supply. We are equally worried about studies that document that 90% of all Americans test positive for GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and test positive for BPA (bisphenol A) in their blood streams. Both of these contaminants may play a role in the increasing rates of medical illnesses (like cancer) and increasing rates of psychiatric illnesses. Here is an article that offers one explanation of how you might be ingesting BPA without your awareness.

Losing Weight Without Dieting

We are opposed to all diets. Instead, we recommend a shift in your lifelong eating style to decreased meat and dairy products (because they carry so many contaminants) to increased vegetables, fruits, and nuts. We are also opposed to counting calories, preferring to direct our focus toward healthy, nutritious foods and eating those foods until you are 80% full. However, for those people who want a new way to lose weight, try reading this article for some simple life style changes that will lead to weight loss. And for those calorie watchers, here is an article of some of the upcoming FDA changes. Take […]

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Friday Finds 1/17/14

Healthy Eating & Diets

Although we are against diets of any type, here is an article on some dieting tips. However, these tips could easily become part of a revised long-term eating style, which we would support. The tips are excellent.


Eating Styles Around The World

Since this week has focused on health recommendations from the Blue Zones (the areas of the world where they are a high percentage of centenarians), this article is included because it covers eating styles in different countries.

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