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Healthy Eating:

We are against the concept of dieting. Instead we argue for shifting your eating style to a long-term approach of more vegetables, more fruit, and more nuts, plus less meat. However, to give you a wider selection of different options, here’s an article that ranks some diets. There’s also two other articles here and here that address cleanses and detoxification.



When will you start your social security income? Here is an article that might give you some guidance for selecting the best age. Here is another article that addresses some upcoming, additional changes for social security. Lastly, here is an article that highlights our collective need for social security and the poor financial straits for many baby boomers.



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Friday Finds! 12-27-13

Diet –

bigstock-Mature-man-overwhelmed-with-a--36424714This blog discusses the 7 foods that are the least friendly to your stomach.

After the holiday season we are often tempted to try the latest diet fad – this article advises you to reconsider that plan.





Health –

bigstock-Group-of-doctors-and-nurses-se-32743466This article addresses the leading cancer threats you could face at various stages in your life.

Read this article about boosting your metabolism.

The author talks about our preoccupation with clinging to our youth.


Retirement –

Retirement-PlanningHere is an interesting discussion about the possibility of early retirement.

This article goes against the grain regarding your stock strategy in retirement.

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Friday Finds! 12/20/13


Diet –

VitaminsWe are always interested in perspectives that run against the grain. You might find this article about the usefulness of multivitamins interesting… We feel it supports our position that a healthy diet is still your wisest choice.

Although a bit older, this article also questions the usefulness of supplements.



Health –

bigstock-Mature-female-doctor-assisting-42969442Read this commentary on the politics of healthcare reform.

This article is also a few years old, but we thought it was worth a read given recent discussions about breast cancer and preventative measures.

An interesting article about those “health screens” you often hear about through ads or telemarketing.

Retirement –

Retirement-PlanningHere is a clever way to evaluate your retirement income.

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Friday Finds! 12/13/13

Diet –

bigstock-Woman-holding-hamburger-Isola-36733912Here is another interesting article discussing the relationship between food and our emotions.

And this blog entry discusses the reasons behind choosing organic foods.




Health –

bigstock-Cancer-Patient-Undergoing-Chem-34008239Monitoring your health and watching your lifestyle choices? Read this article about early cancer warning signs.

In addition to making better choices about your diet and exercise – this article lists the healthiest states for you to explore.


Retirement –

Retirement-PlanningHere is an article on the unfolding issues surrounding Obamacare.

And from a different perspective – this article discusses some changes in the MediCare system.

Read this interesting discussion on the challenges facing a number of minorities as they retire.

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Friday Finds! 12/06/13

Diet –

bigstock-Canned-food-lined-up-on-shelf--16224650Here’s an article that discusses how fiber in your diet can reduce the risk of certain diseases.

Read how Coca Cola and Pepsi are fighting against the labeling of foods that contain GMOs.

This writer expects a significant national debate on GMOs and labeling.


Exercise –

ExerciseOf course we should talk about exercise during the holiday over-indulgence period. Can you think of a better time?

Heading to the gym not to your taste? Consider these alternatives.



Retirement –

Retirement-PlanningRead this discussion examining real life considerations about social security.

What impact could baby boomer retirement have on financial markets? This article addresses that issue.

As baby boomers consider retirement the traditional strategies are being left behind. Read more here.

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Friday Finds! 11/29/13

Diet –

bigstock-Roasted-Turkey-3323392Want to create some healthier Thanksgiving meal traditions? These recipes can help.

Here are some healthy Thanksgiving salads.

Ok. So you may have splurged on Thanksgiving. Here are suggestions for a recovery plan.


Lifestyle –

bigstock-Friends-Having-Lunch-Together--13895705Denmark was recently named the country with the happiest citizens. Read this article and learn how life in Denmark is dramatically different than our life in our country.

Thanksgiving should be a time for happiness, but not for everyone.   This article can help you learn how to rewire your brain so that you can create a greater level of happiness.


Retirement –

Retirement-PlanningHey. It’s Thanksgiving. We don’t feel like talking about money either!

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Friday Finds! 11/22/13

Diet –

bigstock-Fresh-salmon-fillet-29411951As you modify your diet in healthy ways this article can provide some guidance about the fish you choose.

Read this discussion about the ongoing battle over genetically modified foods.

And we can never get enough of those Superfoods!


Health –

bigstock-Affordable-Care-Act-Word-Cloud-45113515Okay – you probably have had your fill of Obamacare lately. But this article focuses on us Boomers.

Early detection of diabetes is key to managing it’s long-term effects. Read more here.




Retirement –

Retirement-PlanningJust as we believe that now is the time to redefine your life, this article presents a similar perspective on retirement.

Want to make your retirement dollar stretch farther? Avoid these tax-unfriendly states.

As you evaluate your financial security take into account how many people may be using you as their personal ATM – read one […]

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Friday Finds! 11/15/13

Diet –

superfoodsHere is an interesting article that discusses the impact a plant-based diet can have on diabetes.

Read this article about the benefits of a Mediterranean or more plant-based diet on memory and cognition.



Connections –

VolunteerBill has been writing about spirituality and connectedness recently. This website provides an abundance of information about volunteering.

This blog talks about the importance of connecting with people face to face.

And this article expands on the import of connecting with people through touch as well.


Retirement –

Retirement-PlanningWhile we don’t like to dwell on the financial issues of aging, we don’t recommend ignoring them either. This article discusses the risks of not planning for your retirement.

Here is an article about “Defined-ambition” plans – a possible replacement for our current […]

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Friday Finds! 11/08/13

Health –

Brain workFor those people who would like a better understanding of how our brain functions, read this article on how our brain is made up of thousands of mini computers.

Do you have a long commute to work? Are you considering a change involving your commute? This article may give you pause…





Redesigning your life –

54_orange.jpgHere is an article about our collective future. Another reason to redesign your life now.

With today’s financial inequality (read this article), we encourage baby boomers to redirect their lives toward more meaningful goals, not just income.





Retirement –

Retirement-PlanningFor people ready to start Social Security, here is some valuable information.

Additional thoughts about your future plans as they rely upon Social Security can be found here.

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Friday Finds! 11/01/13

Diet –

Paleo dietWe do not advocate the Paleo diet, but we believe that people should be educated. Read more here.

We encourage a diet of more color with more vegetable and fruit, less meat and dairy products. In addition, we have steered clear of arguing against fats because so many foods substitute sugar for reduced fats. Here is one perspective on the challenge of just trying to reduce fats in your diet.

This article discusses the elusive “superfood”, and it’s not some exotic fruit you have never heard about before.

Redesign your life –

bigstock-Sunset-with-palm-tree-and-airp-45919981We are a proponent of redesigning yourself, your relationships, and your life before you tackle that bucket list. Baby boomers can take advantage of their newfound flexibility and research inexpensive ways to travel if they are willing to book the trip at the last possible moment. See this article … and also research sites like

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