Friday Finds! 8/16/13

Diet –

AvocadoWe believe that the first step toward improving your health is a gradual transition from meat and dairy products to more of a plant-based eating style with emphasis on vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Here is one food that we highly recommend.
This article discusses the healthiest nuts and seeds you might consider.

Exercise –

ExerciseThe benefits of exercise extend beyond just a healthier body. Exercise has many positive benefits on mental health and sharpness as well. Take a look at these articles for some extra motivation to hit the gym.

Here is a list of general mental health benefits.
A discussion of exercise and anxiety can be found here.
The impact exercise can have on depression is discussed here.

Finances –

Tropical houseHere are some out of the box options for your retirement planning!

With so many people feeling forced to work forever, […]

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Friday Finds! 8/09/13


Social Networking Friends DiagramWe believe connections (of all types) are crucial to happiness and health. One of the steps toward a better life is a renewed emphasis on improving and expanding your relationships.

Here is a nice article discussing how friends are an important part of your preventative health plan…

This article explores the negative impacts of living alone on your physical health.

Here is a brief article from Smithsonian Magazine about living alone and heart disease.

Not to be left out – we included a couple of articles regarding the health benefits of having pets: Dr. Oz’s perspective here and Discovery Health’s discussion here.

Exercise Your Brain

Brain workWe believe the mind is just as pliable as your body. It’s important to exercise your mind as well as your body. Mental focus and acuity are important tools as you reshape your future.

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Friday Finds are here! 8/02/13

Welcome to Friday Finds!

Each week we will provide links to various web resources on topics of interest to our community. Our goal is to identify quality resources that are current and relevant. Please help by suggesting subjects you would like us to review or letting us know about useful resources you have found.

So, lets get started…

Probiotics. There is a lot of talk about probiotics these days. We feel they can be a beneficial part of any diet.Vitamins

Here is a general discussion about probiotics from the NIH.

Here find an article that lists possible benefits of probiotics.

This blogger discusses additional health benefits here.


Diet. It’s National Farmers Market Week August 4th thru 10th! It’s only fitting we include a couple of links about them.Farmers-Market

Read an article about healthy produce and conversation at this Farmers Market here.

Here is […]

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