A Key Question for Your Physician: Do You Like Your Career?

In 2016 a survey of our country’s physicians revealed that 50% of them would not recommend their career to a graduating college senior; and in 2018 a second survey reported that 70% of our country’s physicians would not recommend their career for today’s youth. So, what has gone wrong? What is making our physicians so dissatisfied with their once highly respected and highly rewarding careers?

In the “old” days a physician had a wonderful chance to know his or her patients. There were even examinations called “home visits”! When I was graduating from my own internship and residency in the late 1970s, 90+% of the young physicians went into a solo or group private practice. Today, when you examine graduating classes, 90+% of the physicians join large organizations where they become employees, clocking in and clocking out just like everyone else.

In the “old” days a physician usually treated an acute infection and enjoyed the satisfaction of a prompt 10-14 day cure. Today 86% of doctor visits are documented as assessments of chronic illnesses – where the treatment goal is disease management or symptom management, not a cure. Instead, there is just […]