The Longevity Pill? It’s Coming! (Part II)

In my last blog I highlighted the ongoing, already successful studies for a longevity pill or a new treatment (gene therapy) for a longer life span. I predicted that some time, within the next 25 years, there is going to be a scientific breakthrough with a massive jump in our longevity. We will add more years to the average life span than we’ve been able to add in all the millennia of evolution. We may very well find ourselves with a life span closer to 140 years.

Healthy Habits-stampWith this news, what can you do to prepare for such a scientific breakthrough and for those additional years of living? And what does it really mean for you? I always go back to Hemingway’s quote, “First, you must last.” For baby boomers, it means that we need to redouble our efforts to remain in good physical and emotional health. That means eating healthy and exercising regularly, plus becoming more aware of the areas of potential decline.

At age 30, your lung function begins to decline. At age 40, you begin to lose muscle mass and gain fat. At age 45, […]

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The Longevity Pill? It’s Coming! (Part I)

I have read that longevity, in parts of our country, is actually decreasing. A child born today, in certain regions of the country, has a lower life expectancy that either you or me. However, that is going to change within the next several decades. The longevity pill is finally coming.

In the next several decades, or certainly within the life span of most of us, humans are going to add more years to our average life span than we’ve been able to add in all the millennia of evolution. With this news, some people are going to react with the joy of a longer life. Other people may react with fear and panic. Will I have enough money to support my spouse and myself? Can the world absorb all of these people living longer? For now, let’s push those questions to the side.

Future Of MedicineLet me explain the basics. There is a new drug, rapamycin, which has worked wonders for the longevity of mice. Mice typically live 2.5 years. But with this drug, some mice are living 4+ years. More importantly, at the age of 4 years, these […]

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