Bueller car2Randy, my friend. You finally confess? You called in sick, claiming you were having a double hemorrhoidectomy? When you really just went out and had some fun? Did you drive a 1961 red Ferrari GT convertible? Did you grab a friend, like Cameron, and a hot girl (your wife, I hope) and hit the city? Actually, don’t tell anyone, but you were following my Boomer Survivor program.

Look what Bueller accomplished. He slipped away from things that he did not want (school). He avoided the people whom he did not like (the principal). He grabbed a couple close friends (his girlfriend and best male friend). And his followed his passions, attending a Cubs baseball game, dancing in a parade, and creating havoc. Now, think about it. Isn’t that a good program for a baby boomer?

Just compare the fundamental points. Did he move away from work? Yes. Did he earn any penny? No. But did he discover that less is sometimes more? Less of work and the drudgery of daily life can certainly lead to more. When we reach the baby boomer age, what is the best part? We do not care if we get caught! When you arrived the next day at the office with your rosy cheeks, we all sensed that the wrong cheeks were inflamed!

So, what am I recommending? Yes, we should become more like Ferris Bueller. No, you do not need to crash a car. But you need to face that demanding ‘father’ voice that rests within each of us. Cameron’s father is much like society. Telling us that we need to work until we drop. Telling us that we need to do everything perfectly. Telling us, that if we want to be a true “man” (or “woman), we need to stay the current course.

Rubbish. Give that societal voice it’s own hemorrhoidectomy. Snip it and let it drop into the toilet flush of life. Watch it swirl into the bowels below and then move to a better life. Think of the 80:20 rule. 80% of your happiness comes from just 20% of your activities. Our difficulty as time marches forward? We tend to let our focus drift away from the activities that give us our most happiness. Instead, we climb onto the conveyor belt of work and never step off to reflect.Island

So, what is my suggestion for you? “Bueller, oh, Bueller?”   This is a wonderful way to start your transition into a far more meaningful life. Let people start wondering what the heck you are doing. Keep them guessing as you change your life course. And most importantly, become independent of the opinion of others. If your photo splashes across some TV screen, don’t care who sees it. Just care that it reflects a person who is finally starting to enjoy the best of life (once again).