I know I already wrote a bit about my recent trip to Mammoth, but I’m kind of wishing I was still there so you’re gonna get a little more from that trip today. On one of our hikes there’s a section where you have to cross a stretch of rocks and boulders. From our experience last year, I knew Ryker hated to be left behind. He had demonstrated impressive skill at clambering from rock to rock. But I was curious to see how Geordy would manage.

Ryker – doing it his way

As we started across the boulders Geordy tended to follow right behind Cyndy and me. It was fascinating, however, to watch Ryker pick his own path. He had very specific ideas about which rocks looked safe and which gaps he could jump. I’m not sure I understood his logic, but I couldn’t argue with his success! Geordy had to be carried a few times but exhibited his characteristic gusto the whole way.

Geordy boulder

Geordy – where next?

Ultimately we all ended up on the bank of a small lake and the dogs enjoyed splashing in the water once again. We sat admiring the view, exchanged some ions with the earth, ate some granola, and rested tired feet (good tired!). When we finally headed back across the boulder field Geordy had more confidence and tried to find his own path too. He did pretty well – only had to bark on two occasions when he got stuck. Typical Geordy, though, as soon as we were back on flat ground he pounced on Ryker and bit him on the ear. Just to make sure Ryker knew he was tough even if he had needed a little help.

Later that evening Cyndy and I were talking about the clear personality differences between our dogs. We laughed at Geordy’s “just go for it” approach and Ryker’s more studied style. (Married long enough to know better, we carefully avoided coOn the pathmmenting on each other’s idiosyncrasies!) Help was provided when someone got stuck so we all managed to get through our journey despite our different methods and paths.

It’s an obvious segue, but one I believe remains true. We will all embark on this journey of discovery, but we will all take different paths. Although many of us may need some assistance along the way, we hesitate to ask. People can get stuck and may remain stuck, especially as they hit new obstacles. Bill and I hope that we can create a forum where we all can assist each other avoid the unstable rocks and create a new and better path.

Just bark when you need a little extra help.