A New Recommendation

bigstock-Businessmen-46526440On Friday Finds I usually focus strictly on new articles from the prior week, but I wanted to use this Friday Finds to first thank (and then recommend) Nicolas Roman.  I was interviewed on his google hangout last night, and I came away very impressed with his forum and his work, including his book, Scratch Health, and his two reports, The Whole Truth and his Energy Report. If you can create some time, I would encourage you to check his google site and peruse his list of interviews. The experts offer some good advice; and Nicolas Roman offers his own excellent insights. I predict that you will be hearing a lot more from this individual in the future.



A Reminder of My Lectures

3d human speaking from a tribune. 3d illustration.I just wanted to remind readers that I have finished and posted – for free — my own 8-week teleseminar course on “How To Regain Your Health and Redesign Your Health.” Each of the eight lectures is one hour long; and each of the eight lectures is now posted on the teleseminar page. The lectures do not need to be listened to in any order, so I would encourage you to glance at the topics and see if any of the material strikes a chord. Hopefully, you will find something of interest — and something of value. My goal is simple: to help improve your health, your relationships, and your life. With these lectures I will be adding a corresponding collection of slides (over 500) so at some point in the near future you should be able to listen to the presentations while clicking through the slides. If you have questions on any of the topics, don’t hesitate to ask me at drcourter@gmail.com or post the questions on this web site.




Person read newspaperFor this Friday Finds I am going to close by listing a number of articles about finances, retirement planning, and social security. As always I prefer to examine the areas of life of greater importance, but I try not to overlook these topics on Fridays.  So, if you are worried about saving money, this article offers some suggestions for preparing for later retirement and this additional article offers advice on financial mistakes to avoid. Lastly, if you are starting late, here is a final article that provides some suggestions for maximizing your money. However, I will always repeat some same refrain. The value and meaning of life is not found in your checkbook or your bank vault; it is found in your relationships, your actions, and your values.