Retirement and Finances –

retirement ahead retire fund or plan golden yearsI wanted to start this section by re-including one article from last week. This article highlights the current surge of baby boomers who are finally  retiring after slowly regaining their financial footing after our recent recession. This second article further explains how many of these newly retired people are still working and it explores the financial needs within retirement, plus the different stages before and during retirement. This next article discusses how much money is really needed for retirement and offers links to explore the advantages of geographic relocation, within the US and outside of the US. To complete the picture, social security income needs to be addressed. This article argues for the benefits of delaying social security income and the benefits of receiving some financial guidance for selecting the best year for starting social security income. I would like to support that advice. With 81 options, I sought financial advice and I was told to start my social security income at age 69. I was instructed that it was better for me to start social security income at age 69, not 70, because of factors related to my spouse. So, the choice is not easy to make on your own. Of course, to be fair, I will include an article that argues for starting social security income at age 62 and making the most of the early extra income. Again, these decisions – when to retire and when to start social security income — are not easy and should not be made without consultation with some advisor.


Changing The Direction Of Your Life –

A gold key with the words A New Life to symbolize change, evolutIn the blog on Wednesday 6/04/14, and the upcoming blog on Monday 6/09/14, the topic will be how to best change the direction of your life. These blogs could apply to any age group or any people who was dissatisfied with their job and/or life, but these blogs really apply to baby boomers who are about to retire or who have just retired and are not quite sure how to proceed. A lot of retired people immediately embark on a bucket list. I am one of those people who think that you should redesign your life, reset your priorities, re-establish your dreams / passions / areas of interest, and then mix in changes to your daily life to that waiting bucket list. If these two blogs on 6/04/14 and 6/09/14 spark any interest, then I would encourage you to listen to the 8 free lectures on the teleseminar page, as those presentations discuss all the crucial areas for how to change the direction of your life. Our finances are important, but the other areas of our life are more important. Our pursuit of our passions is more important. The quality of our relationships is more important. Our connections — in so many different areas of our life — are more important. Too many people rush into retirement and die within the first two years. Take note. The race is over. You need to hit pause. As you hit pause, it is time to reflect, change, revitalize, and then reconnect. It sounds easy, but so many people miss the mark. So, read the blogs, listen to the lecture, read The Boomer Survivor Kit — to make your life great, not just a series of trips.