Retirement, Finances, and Social Security Income –

bigstock-Money-Bag-9328517This web site will continue to offer articles on retirement, finances, and social security in the Friday Finds segment. With an American turning 65 years old every 8 seconds, which translates to 10,000 per day or 4 million per year for the next 20 years, these financial topics will remain crucial for many seniors. Currently, many baby boomers are fearful or retirement, uncertain if they have sufficient retirement funds, as discussed in this article.  Worse, many of the wealthy have similar concerns, as this article highlights their concerns on their own need for the addition of social security income. In previous Friday Finds articles, we have discussed the complexity of the social social income system. In this article, the author addresses how many Americans start social security at different ages. In this final article, there is clarification of how the Government can finds ways to reduce your social security income. In summary, each senior needs to be prepared. Each senior needs to have a financial plan for retirement, including social security income; and each senior needs to clarify the best pathway to financial survival.



Redesigning Your Retirement Life (Beyond Finances) –

bigstock-ON-AIR-49301906You know my bias. I think the key components of life occur beyond the financial range. That is why I will continue to encourage the readers to listen to the teleseminar series on this web site. I want to remind readers that I have finished and posted – for free — my own 8-week teleseminar course on “How To Regain Your Health and Redesign Your Health.” Each of the eight lectures is one hour long; and each of the eight lectures is focused on a different area of improving the quality of your life. The lectures do not need to be listened to in any order, so I would encourage you to glance at the topics and see if any of the material strikes a chord. Hopefully, you will find something of interest — and something of value. My goal is simple: to help improve your health, your relationships, and your life as you progress toward and through retirement. With these lectures I will be adding a corresponding collection of slides (over 500) so at some point in the near future you should be able to listen to the presentations while also clicking through the slides. If you have questions on any of the topics, don’t hesitate to ask me at or post the questions on this web site.