Retirement, Finances, and Social Security Income –

Two CentsIf you have not noticed, there seems to be a constant flood of retirement and social security income articles on the Internet. Obviously, that is reflective of the 10,000 people turning 65 years old each day for the next 20 years. We have thousands of baby boomers who are struggling with the decision of whether to retire or keep working – or struggling with the challenge of setting up sufficient finances for retirement. This first article offers addresses the key mistakes that many people make while preparing for retirement. This second article highlights that retirement expenses are often higher than expected during the initial phase of retirement. For those readers who are interested in exploring social security income and clarifying the best way to maximize your income, I would refer you to the last two Friday Finds on 6/13/14 and 6/06/14. With 81 choices for a specific social security income, and with social security income offices not offering the most exact predictions, many people will benefit from more research through these articles. Retirement can be a great time, but a sufficient financial base certainly helps. It is not the defining quality for happiness, but at least it can get you started in the right direction.



Creating Better Health During Retirement –

hardbackcoverstanding100This is the area where I am most passionate. I think you can redesign yourself, your relationships, and your life, reaching a new, higher level of happiness during retirement. That is the basis of my book, The Boomer Survivor Kit, available in book stores, Amazon, and Kindle. In this context I am a believer that we must each take responsibility for improving our health. We cannot simply depend on the standard American diet or our current health system. This article highlights the poor quality of our health care system, prior to Obamacare, and compares our health care system to other health care systems around the world. My recommendations are simple. We need to avoid the current foods, mostly high carbohydrates, sugar, salt, meat, and the dairy products, which are representative of our contaminated, unhealthy food supply. We also need to increase consumption of those foods, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds and some fish, which improve our immune system and help protect us from the chronic diseases, including dementia. The last two blogs, 6/16/14 and 6/18/14, addressed the benefit of consuming healthy fats to prevent dementia. It would be a tragedy if we labored all those years, reached retirement, and then discovered we had the beginning signs of dementia. But there is good news. You can take daily actions to reduce your chance of dementia. This article highlights the current research for cures for dementia. Until a cure is found, you need to take control of your own health, reducing your chances of all of these illnesses. It is possible. Healthy Habits-stamp