Do You Want an American Economic Rebound?

RecoveryAll Americans, especially baby boomers, are praying for an economic rebound. None of us want to see (and experience) the decline of our country. The economy spurts, slows, then spurts again. Well, there are solutions to our stagnation. To no one’s surprise, the solutions do not come from the economic morass of our Congress, or from either political party. The Democrats are wrong. The Republicans are wrong. Real solutions comes from people like Nick Hanauer and his campaign for a minimum wage of $15.00 an hour. That right. That was no misprint. $15.00 an hour minimal wage. Now, you may be nauseated at the recommendation, but I challenge you to read the entire attached article. From my ongoing review of hundreds of articles on finances, it is the best article that I have read for offering a real solution for our country’s economic growth.

When I was young, my father also encouraged me to cheer for everyone’s success. His viewpoint, as a businessman, was simple. With each person’s success, even if that person was a competitor, the pie just grew larger. That translated into a larger piece of that pie for everyone, even those with only a small slice. The article, with its middle-out perspective, argues the point far better than I could explain. But the states that have increased the minimal wage are already showing the greatest economic growth. For the middle class and lower class (or 99% of us), that results in greater independence with more money to spend on consumer items. It also means less dependence on the government with reduced deficits. That will help our country, and it will help each of us. Read the article. Try to have an open mind. We all can benefit by a economic change in the direction of our country.


Do You Want To Find Happiness In Your Retirement?

HappyI have enclosed another article, which addresses the key steps toward a satisfying retirement. Please pay close attention to the section on core activities. That reflects the thinking of my book, The Boomer Survivor Kit and the majority of these blogs. You need to redesign your life to expand those key activities that give you so much of your happiness. Look at my recent regular blogs. I am asking you to do more than cleanse your diet; I am asking you to cleanse your life. There has to be change. For some, that change has to be dramatic. Remember my 80:20 perspective. That 80% of your happiness, especially in retirement (but true throughout all of life), comes from just 20% of your activities. The problem is simple. As most people progress through life, scrambling to meet one bill after another, they lose sight of those key (20%) activities that give them the real reason for living.

My suggestion is to follow the suggestions in the above article, but pay special attention to how you can reshape your future. Surprisingly, the biggest change does not come from additional income. We all need to see our economy improve. We all need to see our own financial situation improve. However, there is something even more important. That is the quality of our life outside of work. It is the quality of our family relationships, our friendships, and our relationship to others. The world, with all of its turmoil, is just a mirror of each of us. There is too much conflict in the world. There is too much conflict within our personal lives. Try reading my past several blogs and the upcoming sequence of blogs. I am going to try to focus on improving the quality of your day to day existence. Let Nick Hanauer lead the economic revolution. Let’s see if I can help you with your own personal revolution toward greater happiness.