Are You Planning Your Retirement?

Emoticon Guy Thinking.For millions of baby boomers they are now planning their retirement. It may be right around the corner, or it may be 5 years in the future, but they are already discussing the options, looking at their financial status. Here is an article that highlights the various stages that lead into retirement and carry through retirement. It is not a one-step process. So all readers should be aware of the different stages, even if some of the financial issues are not within their control. It still helps to have an overview of the process. In that context here is an article that highlights the key mistakes that a number of baby boomers make as they progress toward retirement. In addition to having an overview; it also helps to know some of the pitfalls. I want to highlight one of their points. Do not do it alone. If you cannot afford a financial advisor (and many of us cannot), try to plan together with friends. Get a couple of friends over each month and use the relaxing evening to chat about life and other areas of interest. But also remember to utilize some time to discuss thoughts about retirement, financial savings, and social security options. We all need help. Friends can often provide much of that help.


Have You Given Equal Consideration To Your Retirement Lifestyle?

3d human with life preserver. 3d illustration.In my recent blogs I have addressed the importance of cleansing not just your body, but also your mind. I have further asked the question: Which is more important? A clean plate or a clean life? For retirement we all want to remain healthy and live a long time. The quality of your eating style will directly impact the quality of your health. You already know my recommendations for the best eating style. But I want to accent that your overall lifestyle is even more important than your eating style. Will you be decreasing your stress? Will you be improving your mental outlook? Will you be improving some of your key relationships? Will you be reconnecting with old friends while creating new friends? All of those factors are extremely crucial for the quality of your retirement, but also extremely important for the quality of your health. Consider them your life vest for your survival and happiness. So, I encourage you to continue reading the upcoming blogs on redesigning your life. To emphasize the importance of this task, here is an article that connects your lifestyle with your risk of developing dementia. With the right lifestyle, you can decrease a number of health risks, plus increase the level of your happiness. Let’s all work together for that cleaner life — and better life.