Social Networking Friends DiagramWe believe connections (of all types) are crucial to happiness and health. One of the steps toward a better life is a renewed emphasis on improving and expanding your relationships.

Here is a nice article discussing how friends are an important part of your preventative health plan…

This article explores the negative impacts of living alone on your physical health.

Here is a brief article from Smithsonian Magazine about living alone and heart disease.

Not to be left out – we included a couple of articles regarding the health benefits of having pets: Dr. Oz’s perspective here and Discovery Health’s discussion here.

Exercise Your Brain

Brain workWe believe the mind is just as pliable as your body. It’s important to exercise your mind as well as your body. Mental focus and acuity are important tools as you reshape your future.

Here is a discussion on how you can train your brain.

Review this article about the link between physical exercise and mental acuity.




Retirement-PlanningOK. OK. We acknowledge the elephant in the room. Although we strongly encourage everyone to shift their primary focus from income to areas we believe have greater value (health / relationships / forgotten passions), we still want you to maximize your financial options to increase your chance for escape.

Take a look at this article about 7 basic retirement considerations.