Retirement, Finances, and Social Security

Two CentsWith 10,000 people turning 65 every day for the next 20 years, finances will be a key area of debate with many potential pitfalls. With this financial challenge, this blog will offer periodic articles that address this important financial area. Here is one article that highlights some sound financial approaches for retirement, specifically suggesting the best ways to make your money last through retirement. One of those ways, which we have discussed before, is to re-evaluate where you should retire. This article explores how some states offer tax breaks so your money will last longer. For some of us, the option of moving to a new state is not an option. We want to remain close to our grown children and grandchildren, plus close to our lifelong friends. However, in the United States, where everyone seems on the move to a new destination, many older couples have found increased financial freedom through this choice. My advice is to explore your geographic options within the United States and in foreign countries. Panama, Costa Rica, and the South American countries have some huge financial advantages. So do islands like Belize and Virgin Islands. Regardless of your geographic decision, you need to maximize your finances and your social security income, especially since more and more couples are depending on that social security check. You also need to keep up-t0-date on the financial stability of the social security income system. Here is one final article that offers some caution for its future challenges.


Is There Something More Important Than Our Finances?

A Fresh Start - 3D WordsThis web site, and the author of the book, The Boomer Survivor Kit, challenges the viewpoint that finances are the key to your happiness in retirement. This author will continue to offer periodic financial articles, but my basic belief is that the richness of older age comes through factors that lie well outside the financial range. This author encourages you to listen to the first presentation on the teleseminar page. This first audio presentation discusses the major challenges for the people who are growing older with some starting-point suggestions. Finances are crucial for many people. But our health, our relationship with our loved ones, our relationship with our closest friends, our relations with (yes) God, and our involvement in our community are all of equal importance for our happiness. So, is the mind shift from repeatedly focusing on ways to stay younger as opposed to discovering the unexpected riches (physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual) that can be found in our older age. Take a peek, for example, at the recent blog on testosterone. Do you want to fight against time? Or do you want to use time to your advantage? That sounds like wistful thinking. But ask any top athlete. The game slows down with the right fundamentals. Well, I believe that life can slow down — and the slowing can make a dramatic difference — with the development of the right new habits for older age (and our retirement). So, do not become so focused on money. That’s Wall Street preaching their gospel. Learn to become focused on other areas — areas where there is not a 1% to 99% differential. Areas where you have an equal chance to discover some secrets for a better life.