Diet –

AvocadoWe believe that the first step toward improving your health is a gradual transition from meat and dairy products to more of a plant-based eating style with emphasis on vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Here is one food that we highly recommend.
This article discusses the healthiest nuts and seeds you might consider.

Exercise –

ExerciseThe benefits of exercise extend beyond just a healthier body. Exercise has many positive benefits on mental health and sharpness as well. Take a look at these articles for some extra motivation to hit the gym.

Here is a list of general mental health benefits.
A discussion of exercise and anxiety can be found here.
The impact exercise can have on depression is discussed here.

Finances –

Tropical houseHere are some out of the box options for your retirement planning!

With so many people feeling forced to work forever, maybe it is time to face reality and re-evaluate – check out this article from Australia
One of the best websites we have seen for information about living overseas can be found here.
If overseas does not appeal to you, here are some options in the US.