Welcome to Friday Finds!

Each week we will provide links to various web resources on topics of interest to our community. Our goal is to identify quality resources that are current and relevant. Please help by suggesting subjects you would like us to review or letting us know about useful resources you have found.

So, lets get started…

Probiotics. There is a lot of talk about probiotics these days. We feel they can be a beneficial part of any diet.Vitamins

Here is a general discussion about probiotics from the NIH.

Here find an article that lists possible benefits of probiotics.

This blogger discusses additional health benefits here.


Diet. It’s National Farmers Market Week August 4th thru 10th! It’s only fitting we include a couple of links about them.Farmers-Market

Read an article about healthy produce and conversation at this Farmers Market here.

Here is a discussion about how Farmers Markets improve our lives.



Finance. It’s a big topic and we can’t ignore it. Like it or not money significantly impacts the way we live our lives.Retirement-Planning

We believe that redesigning your life requires a good plan. Here is an article about early planning for your financial retirement.