For the launch of my new web site, as I switched over from the Boomer Health Institute, I highlighted two individuals, two close friends. One individual was one the best entrepreneurs that I have ever known; and the other individual was one of the best physicians with whom I have worked. In both situations these individuals lost a little of their balance and suffered serious consequences. But I chose these friends because if it can happen to people of such high quality, it can happen to the rest of us – and it can happen at any time in our lives.


Young Smart Boy Kid Reading 3D Green Open Book Education ConceptI also utilized one video with one of my two daughters. For me, as a young woman who has been through a masters teaching program in an urban Los Angeles setting, she offered insight into how our children are changing. We are now facing an explosion of autism, ADHD, developmental disorders, and learning disorders, which can be observed in any classroom. With this video I wanted to make the point that our collective challenges for a better, healthier life range from our early years to our later years. It is the central challenge of our entire life span.


From my perspective, we have several basic challenges. The first challenge is to maintain balance in our lives. With the economic divide in this country, with significant financial challenges for so many, and with society’s constant push toward achievement, many individuals step onto a conveyor belt of hard work, laboring into the night for much of their lives. Our health statistics, our divorce statistics, and our longevity statistics, especially when compared to other countries, show that we are failing, not succeeding.


BalanceWe are one of the hardest working countries on the planet, but we are far from being one of the happiest countries in the world. Too many people have become obsessed with income and wealth, losing sight of the necessary balance to achieve a high level of happiness. Too many people have become too focused on the superficial, losing further sight of their values and beliefs. We do not need more plastic surgery; we need more work on our character. We do not need more pills; we need more work on self-improvement.


As a starting point for this new web site, I want part of my focus to highlight the importance of redesigning yourself, your relationships, and your life. Happiness comes with balance; and balance requires great friends, outside interests, and an active life with multiple facets. Balance can be addressed by asking three core questions. Have you lived? Have you loved? Have you made a difference (in someone’s life?)? You need to address all three of those components, not just one. And none of those components depend on your wallet or your appearance.


good health healthy life and vitality energy sane mind and bodyThe second challenge in our lives, which is of equal importance to our quest for balance, is the goal of maintain good health. I have always loved the Hemingway quote: “First, we must last.” We need to maintain our physical and emotional health if we are going to find balance and make contributions to the people in our lives. Good health requires the right healthy habits. That translates to our diet, our exercise, and our life style. As any reader of my blogs will know, I am not an advocate of depending on our health care system for good health. I am an advocate of depending on yourself to establish the right habits. You need to make the right choices to improve your overall health and maintain your overall health.


I am not just referring to physical health. By 2020 the World Health Organization predicts that the number one, worldwide, illness will be depression. In our country we have too many people taking psychiatric medications. We have too many people self-medicating their emotions with alcohol or other substances. In the upcoming videos and blogs, I will clarify the necessary habits for better emotional health just as I address the necessary healthy habits for physical health. We need both sides of the equation. Together, the prescription of healthy habits can lead us back to a life of balance.


Reduce Toxins In Your Life card isolated on white backgroundThere is one other central issue, progressively increasing, that needs to be addressed. We are all facing an increasing number of toxins in our daily lives. As stated in the initial videos, we have more chemicals, more contaminants, and more pollutants in our life than any time in human history. We need to become aware of those toxins; we need to become aware of how they are impacting our genes and cells; and we need to become aware of how they are producing negative cognitive, physical, emotional, and behavioral sequelae. These toxins will be addressed and there will be specific recommendations for countering their impact.


Lastly, I want to clarify my approach. For this opening week, I opened with a series of videos on a daily basis. In the future I am going to vary 5-minute videos and short two page blogs. Some people are visual learners. Other people are auditory learners. Some people like to watch. Other people like to read. I am going to try to offer snippets of knowledge to all groups. In the future videos and blogs (not on daily basis), I am going to try to select small topics and then make specific suggestions. But, as I will constantly repeat, it is the small advantages that lead to the greatest triumphs.


So, get ready to learn, improve, and develop a better life … Welcome To Your New Life written on red road sign with a sky on