Let me ask: When you were a kid, wasn’t everyone on your block running around barefoot? Having fun running across grass and dirt? Today, when I glance down our street, no one is barefoot. Not a single kid. In fact, what do babies get when they are born? bright baby shoes of leather

Shoes! And little toddlers? More shoes! Now, is there a health problem that comes with shoes? Absolutely. And is it a health problem that could be impacting you? I guarantee it. In fact, I will give you a diagnosis that you have never received, but it is accurate and deadly. You are electron deficient.

Body FieldElectron deficient? What the heck is that? Well, here is another question that I dare you to answer. When did you last ‘touch’ the earth? Sitting in your office with your shoes on the floor? Nope, that doesn’t count. Walking in the park with your athletic shoes? Again, that doesn’t count. Walking barefoot on dirt, grass or sand. Gardening with your bare hands. Swimming in the ocean. All of those activities count. Why? Because there has to be direct skin to earth contact. And it the direct skin to earth contact that is so crucial for your health.

Think back to your early school days when they forced you to put on some shoes. Wireless energy surrounding earthThey taught you about the electromagnetic properties of our planet with the north and south poles, but did they ever tell you that earth is a six sextillion (six followed by 21 zeroes) metric ton battery, teaming with a worldwide surface of electrons.  When you walk barefoot, do you know what happens to those electrons? They are absorbed through your feet, which have 1,300 nerve endings per square inch, and they flow throughout your entire body.

Why does that matter? Have you ever heard of the free radical theory of aging? Free radicals are associated with normal physiology, but they are especially prevalent with inflammation. Any aches, pains, or areas of discomfort? That means that you are producing a ton of free radicals. Yes, free radicals exist for only a nanosecond, but they can cause permanent damage to your cells, even to your DNA. What soaks up those free radicals? What prevents their damage? Electrons! The more electrons in your body, the lower your inflammation, and the fewer aches, pains, and diseases.

Woman barefootSo, did you watch Ryker and Geordy (click for video) bounding through the brush and streams? Did you know that animals that live on dirt and grass live longer than animals that live on wood or concrete? Electron don’t flow through concrete. They don’t even flow through your rubber soul shoes. Humans have the highest biomass of any species on the planet and yet we make less contact with the earth than any other species. Of course, we have created more environmental destruction than any other species. So, what does that tell you? Take off your shoes. Try going barefoot now and then. Absorb those electrons. Trust me: your health will improve. Just ask Ryker and Geordy. Did they look ill? Doing something fun and improving your health. What a concept.