Have any of you seen the movie: “Safety Not Guaranteed”? It’s one of those quirky Indie films with young, little known actors. But I like its premise. A young man places an ad in the newspaper, asking for someone to join him on time travel. He highlights that the person’s safety is not guaranteed. To travel back in time? To have another shot at life? Well, would you do it?time travel

Surprisingly, I am not certain that many of you would take that gambit. Would you want to go back to the 60s? Or 70s? Would you want to relive those growing up years? For me, the key lies in our future, not in our past. So, why am I mentioning this film? Because it takes the same personal qualities to go back in time as it does to go forward in time.

In this movie (without disclosing the plot and ending), it takes these young, scared individuals three vital features: a desire to change their lives, the courage to make the attempt (with the risk that they may be vaporized), and a relationship with at least one other person. Without those three components, there is no launch date. There is no attempt.

Isn’t that the same with us as we peer forward into our future? We need a desire to redesign our lives into something more meaningful. We need the internal strength to take a risk (like moving your focus away from work to things of greater value). It also takes relationships. Does anyone want to attempt this transition alone? We all need to have someone with whom to share.

trophySo, that’s how I hope you can approach this web site and its membership. Right now you have a chance to change the quality of your life. A real chance. You just need to commit to action. You also need to bring other people onboard. If we are going to be successful, we cannot make this progression in isolation. The journey has to be made with expanding connections to others.

So, what do you say? Ready to join us? Safety is not guaranteed. However, the rewards could be great.