My wife (Cyndy) and I just celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. We took a couple days off to sit in the sun and relax. While there Cyndy was going thru Bill’s book. She commented that in many ways she feels that she has realized the goals of the book – to live, to love, to make a difference. For her, some of those goals were rooted in our past: the travelling we have done, and the years she worked as a first grade teacher. However, she continues to appreciate what we have and strives to find new ways to make a difference. She reminded me about the importance of perspective. Of the risks of getting locked in to your own world view. Too often I focus on the challenges I face now and forget about past joys and successes. greener_grassI let the negative parts of my life today overshadow the good stuff. Then I fall too deeply into “the grass is always greener” thinking. As a result, when I consider redesigning my life, I feel overwhelmed – as if I have to recreate everything! But that’s not true. I have some good stuff to build upon.

The process of redesign can be intimidating, but in reality we don’t have to reinvent everything.

Take a moment to check in with some of those around you. SpyingUse them to take a look at your life from the outside. Appreciate your past joys. You may remember things you have forgotten or take for granted. Recognizing those positives can energize your efforts moving forward. And you can always help make a difference by joining in on our discussions here!