ObstacleI was talking to a friend of mine recently about work. He and I both changed jobs during the past year, and we were comparing notes about that experience. One of the things that struck me was the feeling that the challenges we faced at our old jobs followed us to our current jobs. Both of us continue to struggle with time constraints, personnel management issues, and the rigidity of a corporate setting. Despite our change in scenery, we faced the same barriers to our personal growth and satisfaction.

dog penAs we spoke a recent image of Geordy came to mind. (I know, I know, everything seems to come back to our dogs! I’m really not that preoccupied with them but their antics capture my imagination.) As you may recall from an earlier blog, Geordy just underwent surgery. After the surgery, he was required to wear a cone collar to prevent him from chewing at his surgical site. We also were told to try and restrict his usual boisterous behavior. So, for the past week, Geordy has been kept in a portable wiremesh pen. Recently, he discovered that if he pushed against the side of the pen, he could drag the entire structure wherever he wanted to go. From the kitchen to the family room, back to the kitchen, he has been able to move around the house by simply taking the walls of his cage along for the ride. I keep rooting for him when he tries to drag the pen up the stairs. He still gets frustrated, though, as he would rather run free. I think I feel a lot like Geordy at times. I may have moved from one job to another, but I haven’t escaped life’s challenges.

lying couple on grass and dream three cloud houses collage

Too often I think that we hope that changes in scenery will result in significant life changes in general. However, it remains a truism that you can’t escape yourself. The limitations we impose on our own goals and dreams follow us wherever we may move. It reinforces the idea that in order to redesign your life we need have to address the internal restrictions we have created. You may have to dream bigger. Think outside the box. Reconsider options that you previously dismissed. In Geordy’s case I admire his determination to try and live his life despite external limitations. Thankfully, he will be released from his cage in a few days. Where will you find the keys to your cage door?